vocal&guitar Yuta

Yuta was born in Tokyo in the year 1980.
Yuta traveled often with his parents

often and visited such places as Hawaii,
New York, London, India, Thailand, Vietnam,

Korea and Yaeyama Islands.
At 13 he was inspired by LED ZEPPELIN
and wanted to play the guitar just like Jimmy Page
and at 15 he began to write and perform his own music.

In 2000, he launched his own band "POPASIAN",

and released 2 albums and was also featured on a couple compilation albums.
He has become an accomplished promoter inviting various artists
and producing many events such as "Soup no Umi", "Love on The Pop Floor",
"TOKYO TEMPO", "GOTTANI", "Rough Rough Laugh".
Yutaユs style is unique and is an assembly of music, pictures, paintings, movies, installation art, comedy, play, dances and much more for an unforgettable experience.
In addition to his other activities,
Yuta composed and performed the soundtrack for animated features
including his fatherユs, Masaru Fukuda, "BOCHI-BOCHI BUTA-BUTA".
He also he produced songs for radio commercials.

After POPASIANs broke up in 2007, he began to work solo.
Yuta has experimented with many different styles, artists,instruments,
and is always willing to try something new.
He meet current member Masako Kubo, in 2008.
His grandfather a Japanese-American was born in Hawaii.
He felt like collaborating his music
and hula was like returning to his ancestor roots.
Yuta lived and visited Hawaii often when he was a child.
He received spiritual inspiration from his family and the island of Hawaii.

hula Masako Kubo

Masako Kubo was born in Tochigi in the year 1980.
She went to the Happy Flower Beach Party 2004 in Okinawa,
that is were she first encountered, "Nami Hula."
After Masako came back to Tokyo,
she began to take hula classes at Sandiiユs HULA Studio in Tokyo.
There she learned classic hula and modern hula. In 2007,
Masako went to Hawaii to visit a hula sanctuary.
While there she was enlightened into the true sprit of hula.

In 2008 she also visited to Tenkawadaibenzaitensya in Japan.
Tenkawadaibenzaitensya is well known in Japan as shrine for the God of Art.
Showing her respect she danced at the shrine.
Currently Masako Kubo now performs her hula dance with Rainbow Hulari.
She strives to find a way to include hula into the Japanese culture.

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